Premium giftware   |   Made in Wales

Ceramic Artists

Ceramic Coasters (33)

A range of hard wearing ceramic coasters decorated with a modern take on a traditional Welsh tapestry design.  

Tythegston (11)

In 2012, Joanna Howells founded Tythegston Pottery to help teach a new generation of studio potters. Joanna and her apprentices and students produce this range of pottery from stoneware clay and a chun glaze.

Glosters (8)

Glosters is run by Myfanwy and Tom Gloster, who are based in Porthmadog, Wales. Handmade from stoneware pottery, and glazed with food-safe glazes, this beautiful collection of pottery is perfect to inject a splash of colour to your home.

Ebsworth Pots (4)

Our range of Ebsworth Pots is inspired by Dylan Thomas, and includes a replica of the mug found in his writing shed in Laugharne. Handmade in St Clears by Trudy Ebsworth-Espie, creator of Ebsworth pots.

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