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Check the status of your order

If you would like to see the status of your order, then click on the 'view order' tool at the right of the page. You will be prompted for your order number, and the email address used to place the order (for security reasons).

The next screen will then show your order, the current status, and (provided your order is till in a 'pending' status) the option to cancel your order and receive a refund.

The status of your order is described as;




 Your order has been received, and is waiting to be processed. Orders in this state can be cancelled.

 Awaiting  Approval

 Your design has been assigned to the queue for the artwork department to check its sizing, positioning, and clarity.

 In Progress

 Work has begun on your order. Orders in this state can no longer be cancelled due to the cutting/engraving/printing


Your order has been dispatched. You will receive a dispatch email or text via our courier. 


Your order has been cancelled. 


Your house sign/memorial artwork has been approved and has been designated to the plotter machine, which will cut a stencil of your design ready for sandblasting.

 In Swansea/

In Llansamlet

 A member of the team at the chosen location has processed your Click & Collect order, and will contact you to arrange it's collection.


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