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Alice Funge Ceramics (17)

Handmade in Warwickshire, Alice Funge has created functional ceramic kitchenware which is decorated with poured coloured slips that imitate the marks the ingredients make within each object. She adds words and recipes to the inside rims of mixing bowls and the outside of other pieces including measuring jugs and lidded jars.

Ceramic Coasters (33)

A range of hard wearing ceramic coasters decorated with a modern take on a traditional Welsh tapestry design.  

Denby (27)

Denby Pottery has been skilfully crafted in Derbyshire for over 200 years. They pride themselves on making beautiful and practical pottery that has been designed for modern life.

LIGA Ceramics (8)

With a passion for protecting our planet, LIGA is a Cornwall based family run business, committed to using sustainable materials in creative ways to make eco-friendly products and homeware affordable and useable for everyday living.  

Glosters (5)

Glosters is run by Myfanwy and Tom Gloster, who are based in Porthmadog, Wales. Handmade from stoneware pottery, and glazed with food-safe glazes, this beautiful collection of pottery is perfect to inject a splash of colour to your home.

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