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Home Fragrance


Tapestry Tin Candles (12)

Our 6 Oz tapestry tin candles come in elegantly designed metal tins which will fill your house with a rich aroma for 30 hours. 


Wooden Wick Candles (33)

Scented candles help to make a house feel like a home! Valley Mill's natural soy wax candles are handmade in Wales, come with a Welsh slate cap and wooden wick. Nothing beats the crackle of a wooden wick to create a relaxed mood!

Soy Melts (10)

With 13 fragrances in our soy wax candle range, it can hard to decide which one to buy first! With 5 melts per box, our soy wax melts are ideal for testing different scents and finding your favourite.

Tealights (5)

Want to create a cwtchy atmosphere in your home? Light tealights around your home to make your home feel cosy.
Our natural soy wax tealights make great gifts from Wales, with our five best-selling Welsh scents to choose from.

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