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We’ve relaunched our website with some brand-new features!

May 31, 2018

Valley Mill has a brand-new website! We felt it was time our customers had a modern and simple way to browse and purchase our authentic Welsh and handmade products. We’ve transformed the look and feel to make our site much more user-friendly and we also have some cool new features for you to try!

Check out our new personalisation tool

You may have noticed the new ‘Personalised’ button in the top left-hand corner of our website. This is our clever new tool that enables you to custom design personalised products, adding your own messages, motifs and photographs to various products. Perfect for gifts, memorials, awards and bespoke accessories for the home, you can create something that is entirely unique! You even have control over the layout, size and positioning of the elements on your design, so the design is entirely your own. Once you are happy with how it looks on the website, place your order through our online shop and we will bring your design to life!


Personalised products we offer

To view our full range of personalised slate and wooden handmade products, click the ‘Personalised’ button on the left-hand corner of the homepage, browse and select one of our available categories, and then select your product. Here’s our full list of personalised product categories:


Using the personalisation tool

Why not give our personalisation tool a try? We’ve even got a step-by-step guide to get you started.

1. Once you have clicked on the personalised section, browsed the categories and chosen a product from the personalised range, click the ‘personalise me’ button and you will be redirected to a new page with a blank version of the product, ready to be customised!

2. On the left-hand side, you will see our ‘Personalise Your Product’ buttons with either ‘Add Text’, ‘Add Art’ or ‘Upload Image’ options, depending on which product you have selected. If you have selected one of our photograph engraving, trophies and award or memorial products, you will be able to upload a photo or logo to be laser engraved onto the background. For the other products, you will have the option to add customisable text and artwork. Most custom elements are entirely free, whilst some of the more specialist requirements include a small cost. Any additional costs will be displayed explicitly on the page.

3. This is where you can get creative with your design. Use the ‘Personalise Your Product’ buttons on the left to add in your personal text, photo or artwork. Once you’ve added in the elements of your design, you can reposition and align the artwork using either your mouse or the ‘Vertical align’ and ‘Horizontal align’ options on the right-hand side. You have as much freedom as you like, with the ability to add, delete, move and edit your design and even layer the elements, simply saving your changes as you go.

4. Saving your design – To save your design, click the ‘Save’ button above the image and a box will appear asking you to fill in your login details (if you already have an account) or to Register an account. Once you have logged in or registered, you will be able to save your design and then revisit it under ‘My Account’. Once it has been saved, you can then go back and edit or purchase it at any point.

5. Purchasing your product – Now that you’re happy with the design, all that’s left to do is purchase your product. Click ‘Add to cart’ and your design will be added to your basket.

6. To complete your purchase, select ‘Basket’ in the top corner and make your order.


Click here to try out our personalisation tool for yourself!

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