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Valley Mill Soy Wax Candles: What’s New

June 23, 2017
Welsh Soy Wax Candles

You may have seen that over the past couple of months that we have been busy perfecting our soy wax candles; making sure they are the best that they possible can be. If you follow us on our social media pages, you will have seen our brand new candle labels which, as a team, we put a lot of time and effort. More recently, we have had to completely change the candles themselves, and we wanted to give a little bit of behind the scenes as to how and why…

Soy Wax Wooden Wick Candle

Why Change?

Due to very sudden and unexpected changes in U.S. laws on soy wax ingredients for the food industry, NGI (one of the largest producers of soy wax products) had to cease production earlier this year. After 27 years, their main ingredient for soy based products is no longer available, affecting the vast majority of soy wax candle makers; Valley Mill included.

It’s because of this that we have spent the last four months sourcing and testing alternatives, and we are very happy to say that what could have been a major setback has produced a soy wax far superior.

Soy wax candle testing

Where To Start?

The best place for us to begin was to test how our current fragrances, with the same percentages and same wick size, worked with the new soy wax. This way we could begin to understand how much we would need change. It turns out that we aren’t lucky enough for it to be a quick swap and change, and had to go through a long process of intensive testing. Each step involved changing the fragrance percentages and the size of the wooden wicks, making a small bath of each candle and test burning them, until we had the perfect candle.  Some candles were easier to resolve, whilst others involved a lot more trial and error; not that we’re complaining, our workshop smelt incredible for the 6 weeks of testing!

Soy wax Candle testing

Although we managed to resolve the majority of our candle fragrances, it was clear that a few were never going to work with our old ingredients. Therefore, we had to start from scratch with these and make these changes:

Coconut Candle- The new fragrance is sweeter and much improved on the previous one.

Mixed Berries Candle- After testing dozens of alternatives we couldn’t find any combination that would work with the new wax, so had to find a completely new Mixed Berries fragrance oil. Our new fragrance has a strong cherry smell to it.

Spiced Apple Candle- This fragrance is now a lot stronger with more of a cinnamon scent to it.

Brand New Soy Wax Candles

As we were going through the process of testing and improving our candle range, we decided that it was the opportune time to also widen our range. After sifting through over 50 new fragrances, we’ve developed 3 amazing new candles:

Hoffi Coffee Candle- Roast Coffee fragrance

Cwtch Candle- Violets fragrance

Cariad Candle- Citronella fragrance

Brand new welsh soy wax candles

All of our new soy wax candles are available in our Swansea store and on our website at We also stock over 100 stores across the UK so keep an eye out for them whilst you are out and about!

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