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Beard, Smooth-Faced or Moustached, Norse Has It All

April 28, 2021

We all want the best products for ourselves but also what’s best for the planet too.  This is why Valley Mill is proud to introduce to you Norse and their range of eco-friendly shaving and male grooming products.   

Whether you are maintaining your beard, moustache or perhaps making sure there’s a lack of them, then Norse have affordable male grooming products for you.

Using sustainable and natural materials, Norse hand makes their range of male eco-friendly shaving and grooming products in Kingston upon Thames.

About Norse

Founded by Iain, Norse was created with the aim to create affordable male grooming products that did not compromise on quality. Iain also wanted to fulfil his quest to have a sweet-smelling beard that was itch-free!

In their bid to create plastic-free shaving, Norse have a range of zero waste safety razors. In turn, this helps you to cut down on single use products.

Keeping It Local

Norse razors are produced specifically for the company in the steel capital of the UK, Sheffield (cue Tom Jones You Can Leave Your Hat On for all of you ‘The Full Monty’ movie lovers). 

Norse use only natural ingredients, such as essential oils. This skincare range comes in recyclable packaging to help you focus on keeping not only your hair and skin healthy but our environment too!

Shaving The Zero Waste Way

Norse reusable safety razor available at Valley Mill

Plastic-free razors are not only sustainable, but are a slick and sharp investment too. Norse razors are the way forward. The environment will thank you and your pocket will too.

Goodbye To Disposable

This high-quality stainless steel razor comes in a classic design that really has stood the test of time. Resulting in less irritation to the skin, this razor has a chrome single blade and is double-edged for safety. These razors use standard replaceable razor blades.

Why Ditch Single Use Plastic?

The harmful effects of plastic is now seen worldwide. Plastic is in our air, our water and our food. Each one of us have a responsibility in reducing plastic pollution.

End Plastic Pollution

One of Earth Day’s campaigns is End Plastic Pollution. This campaign draws attention to the harmful effects of plastic in our environment. They provide instruction on how to cut plastic use and create a heathier world. You can read more here.

Time To Lather Up

Norse Shaving Soap available at Valley Mill

Norse’s handmade natural scented luxury shaving soap produces a rich, luxurious lather that helps your razor glide over your face and achieve a perfect shave. Lather up with sandalwood or peppermint scent.

How To Build That Lather

Wet your face with warm water which softens the hair and relaxes the skin and facial muscles making shaving easier. Dip your shaving brush into hot water, and then using a circular motion with brush on the soap, create a rich lather. Use the brush to apply the lather to your face allowing the brush to lift the hairs making them easier to shave. Shave with the grain of the beard.

Irritated Post-Shave Skin Be Gone

Norse aftershave balm available at Valley Mill

Norse aftershave balm uses a combination of oils and butters to gently repair and protect the skin. Perfect to use post-shaving to help reduce pores, itching and irritation. It’s also a great natural alternative to help keep your skin fresh and nourished.

Using Jojoba essential oil and Shea butter, this aftershave balm is deeply hydrating, anti-inflammatory and easily absorbed into the skin, resulting in a light and non-greasy application.

100% natural, vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Beard Oil Benefits

Norse Bear Oil available at Valley Mill

Norse Citrus beard oil is 100% natural and vegan friendly. It successfully tames beards, while also conditioning and keeping them itch free. This oil uses a carefully selected combination of natural essential oils, and carries an invigorating fragrance. Boost your beard with the minerals that will nourish and strengthen hair. Our beard oil also comes in Woodsman fragrance.

Beard Love

Towel dry your freshly washed beard and massage the oil into your beard, starting at the base of the hair.

Whether you are maintaining your beard, moustache or skin, then Norse at Valley Mill have affordable male grooming products for you.

Check out the Norse range here.

New Product Launch

Introducing BrambleWood Soap Co.’s Award-Winning Natural Skincare

March 3, 2021
Introducing BrambleWood Soap Co's Award Winning Skincare

When searching for new companies to work with, it’s important to us at Valley Mill to find people with similar values to our own. We love to work with like-minded small businesses; that have their own unique story, care about the products that they make and the effect they have on you as a customer, as well as the environment. And BrambleWood Soap Co., the company behind our new skincare range, is exactly that kind of small business!

BrambleWood Soap Co. was founded in 2019 by Laura Cullen. Laura began her company as she wanted to create natural soap and skincare suitable for the whole family. All of her products are handmade in small batches in Dorset. They are 100% natural and are free from chemicals and additives. All of the natural and botanical ingredients have been chosen for their superior smell, aromatherapy qualities, and skin-nourishing properties. Everything Laura has created is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and is as kind to the environment as it is on your budget. They are completely plastic-free and all of the packaging chosen is recyclable or reusable.

About BrambleWood Soap’s Range

The first new product to our skincare range is their moisturising bath fizzies. These bath bombs’ signature recipe includes moisturising cocoa butter to soothe your skin and essential oils for luxurious natural fragrances. They are wrapped in fully biodegradable glassine bags and recycled paper, meaning there is no plastic waste.

BrambleWood Soap Co. Moisturising Natural Botanical Fizzy Bath Bombs

The second product range we are launching is BrambleWood Soaps’ botanical bath teas. These beautiful bath salts are made with mineral-rich salts, botanicals, and essential oils that soften skin and soothe achy muscles. All of the packaging is reusable, including the glass jar with a cork lid. They also come with a reusable cotton ‘tea bag’ and wooden spoon that help create a unique at-home spa experience.

BrambleWood Soap Co. Natural Botanical Herbal Bath Tea Salts

These beautiful new bath-time treats will make the perfect gift. With Mother’s day less than two weeks away, we couldn’t think of a better time to introduce them to you. For other ideas to indulge your Mother this Mother’s Day, head to our last blog post.


6 steps to update your Autumn skincare routine

October 4, 2020
6 Steps To Update Your Autumn Skincare Routine

October is here and Autumn is in the air; crisp mornings, cosy evenings, vibrant leaves under foot and any excuse for hot chocolate! There are so many things to love about the new season, but also some changes that we could all live without. The shorter days and drop in temperature can have a big effect on our well-being, including our skin. You may notice your skin begins to feel dehydrated, tired and generally needs a little extra TLC. Simply making a few changes to your skincare routine will help you to keep that glow you’ve spent all Summer perfecting and ease your skin into the new season.  

Here is a selection of our favourite products to add to your Autumn skincare routine, as well as a little treat to keep you feeling refreshed from head to toe. 

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