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How to fit a slate house sign in 6 easy steps

February 14, 2021
How to fit a slate house sign in 6 easy steps?

A slate house sign is a stylish and durable addition to your house. We, at Valley Mill, are one of the biggest providers of high quality slate house signs in the UK. We handcraft all slate products from 500 million years old slate, mined at Blaenau Ffestiniog in Wales.

One of the most common questions we get is how to fit a slate house sign. Some believe this needs the help of a specialist, but in fact it can be done in a few easy steps.

To help you with the fitting we made a short video. This video was made a few years ago, so some of the smaller details have been updated and can be found in the written instructions below. However, the main process of fitting a house sign remain the same. We will create a new, updated video soon to make the process even easier.

Hi there, and welcome to Valley Mill, this is a quick instruction video on how to fit your house sign.

Included in your box is a fitting kit to your house sign, as well as a set of instructions. This will include the appropriate amount of fitting rods and glue, depending on the size of your sign. You will also need a drill equipped with a 5mm masonry drill bit.

  1. Carefully turn over your house sign.
  2. Fill each drill hole to the top of the supplied superglue, pushing each rod into place as demonstrated, ideally allowing 24 hours, but a minimum of 4 hours, to set fully.
  3. Holding the sign against the desired wall, mark out your drill holes above each rod while pressed to the wall. Take into account that doing this will result in the fitted sign being slightly higher than your initial placement.
  4. Drill 75mm deep into the marks you’ve made on the wall with a 5mm masonry drill bit. We recommend using the spirit level to make sure the sign is level and straight prior to any drilling.
  5. These holes should be filled with superglue before pressing the rods in the rear of the sign into place.
  6. You may wish to wipe over your fitted sign with a wet cloth, ensuring no superglue has been left on the slate.

You now successfully fitted a house sign, congratulations!

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