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Get Summer Ready Our New Waterproof Picnic Blankets

March 31, 2021
Woman Carrying Newbury Cotton Quilted Picnic Rugs

Summer is on its way and many restrictions are being lifted across the UK over the coming weeks. So, we’ve been thinking of ways we can safely socialise and enjoy a little more freedom. One of our favourite summer activities is heading out for a picnic with our family. We’re now allowed to meet outdoors with another household in most areas and picnic blankets will become a lockdown essential.

If you would like to enjoy more time in your garden with your children or socialise with friends in your local park, our new range of woolen and cotton picnic rugs are here to help. A picnic is even the perfect romantic date idea that will make a refreshing change to lockdown life. With the sun shining more and the flowers beginning to bloom, a new picnic blanket will make your adventures more comfortable and enjoyable!

All of our picnic blankets have a waterproof backing and handy straps, making them the perfect companion for any adventure. They are all handcrafted for us by our world-renowned blanket manufacturers, Tweedmill. Tweedmill also makes our range of Valley Mill throws and scarves that have become synonymous with us.

More about the new Picnic Rug range

The random recycled picnic blankets are the budget-friendly option, made using recycled wool just like our best-selling random recycled throws. The use of recycled wool reduces waste, making them just kind to the environment but also to your bank account. But don’t worry, just because they are affordable doesn’t mean they are lacking in quality. Wool naturally repels water, so this combined with the hard-wearing waterproof backing will help keep it clean and dry for longer and last for many summers to come. Why not pair your new picnic rug with our personalised metal bottles to help you stay hydrated whilst away from home and help the environment?

Valley Mill Random Recycled Wool Picnic Blankets

The Newbury quilted picnic blanket range is perfect for those looking for a more luxurious option that will certainly impress other picnic-goers. There are three different modern designs to choose from. They have a waterproof cotton top layer, quality padding, and a polyester waterproof bottom layer. So not only are they super stylish but incredibly practical.

Valley Mill Newbury Cotton Quilted Picnic Blankets

So, prepare for summer and head to our website to choose your new favourite picnic blanket.

Before heading out to socialise and exercise, it’s very important to check and follow the restrictions in your local area.

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