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Introducing Head Turning Ceramics from Alice Funge

July 14, 2021

Here at Valley Mill we are proud to introduce you to head turning ceramics from Alice Funge. This handmade collection from Alice Funge is exceptional.  The styles and shapes of these pieces will compliment any interior home style. 

About Alice Funge

Alice’s designs are so unique and thoughtful. This collection has been created from the inspiration of her late grandmother and their family love of baking. Each piece has the inclusion of her late grandmother’s writing taken from handwritten recipes within the designs of this collection, which makes them so unique. 

These pieces bring warmth to many of us with memories of our own family history and recipes being passed down through the generations.

Alice studied at De Montfort University in Leicester. One to watch, Alice shows us how she creates a ceramic piece from a ball of clay using a potter’s wheel.

Update Your Style with Ceramics From Alice Funge

Why not update your homeware with this elegant vintage influenced ceramic collection from Alice Funge?

Mini Pourer Bowl

What’s a mini pourer bowl you ask?

A pourer bowl is so versatile in the kitchen and practical for every day prepping and cooking.  It’s the sweetest little bowl that is perfect for mixing ingredients and then pouring them in to your cooking and recipes.  Also useful for serving dips, snacks, drizzling sauces and oils and so much more. 

Ceramics from Alice Funge. This practical pour bowl is perfect for recipe and cooking prep.

Tea or Coffee, Please

Fancy a Brew?  These mug designs are EXCLUSIVE to Valley Mill and are great for dunking your digestives in or serving up your morning wake up coffee.  This mug is strong, practical and stylish with a dignified handle. 

Tea please. Large coffee mug from Alice Funge ceramics. Design exclusive to Valley Mill.

These mugs come in a choice of exclusive designs.  They read ‘tea, please’ OR ‘coffee, please’. 

Large tea mug. Ceramics from Alice Funge. Exclusive design to Valley Mill.

These mugs are perfect teamed up with one of our Alice Funge milk jugs and/or sugar bowls. Go on, enhance your drinking experience!

Spilt Milk? Not Anymore!

What will you serve in this elegant vintage influenced mini ceramic jug from Alice Funge.  Milk, cream or perhaps your favourite sauce.  This mini jug is so versatile and is beautiful on its own or displayed with some wild flowers or decorative twigs. 

Update your kitchenware with the easy pour ceramic jug.

We love how there is no handle therefore making it space saving and streamlined.

This practical wheel-thrown mini jug reads ‘Pour’, and is made from white stoneware which is an off-cream colour. 

We Like These ‘BERRY’ Much Alice!

Alice’s berry bowls have certainly been turning heads. In fact, before I saw this collection I had never even heard of a berry bowl. This was a little shocking as I couldn’t imagine my kitchen collection without one now. This bowl is so versatile and like a colander makes it easy to wash your berries, fruit, vegetables or more. 

Update the kitchen with this beautiful berry bowl. We love ceramics from Alice Funge.

Fancy A Squeeze?

We love these handmade lemon juicers. Alice has handmade each lemon squeezer in one part on her potter’s wheel.  It is then hand carved and finished with yellow slip to replicate the juice of a lemon after it has been squeezed. 

Squeeze me squeeze me.  Beautiful lemon juicer from Alice Funge. Juice your lemons.

On the inside rim of this lemon squeezer it reads ‘Juice 1 lemon’, which of course is taken from her late grandmother’s handwritten recipes.

Ceramics from Alice Funge. Lemon squeezer.

Where Would YOU Display This?

Ceramic milk bottle with kitchen conversions. Display on it's own or with a decorative flower.

Check out this elegant vintage influenced ceramic milk bottle from Alice Funge. This bottle is so versatile and is beautiful on its own or displayed with a wild flower or decorative branch.  Perhaps your hardest choice is where to display this stunning piece?

handmade ceramic yellow milk bottle vase flower holder

Give Me Some Sugar!

No really, can you pass the sugar please.

If you like your drinks a little sweeter then this piece is wonderful for creating a delightful table setting for your family or guests.  A beautiful addition to your coffee or tea set. So then sugar, would you like granulated or sugar lumps?

handmade gingerbread ceramic sugar serving bowl coffee tea

Organise Your Utensils

This ceramic piece from Alice Funge is not only practical and functional with ample space to hold your cooking gadgets but is also beautiful displayed on its own. This elegant vintage influenced ceramic utensil holder from Alice Funge will look beautiful with your kitchen interior.

yellow ceramic milk bottle handmade vase wheel-thrown flower

We are proud to introduce you to this beautiful collection of ceramics from Alice Funge. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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Love Eco Living? Then You Will LOVE LIGA

June 25, 2021

We want to introduce you to an amazing new brand here at Valley Mill. Meet LIGA. Once you’ve met them we are sure you will LOVE LIGA.


We love to work with like-minded small businesses; that have their own unique story. They care about the products that they make and the effect they have on you as a customer, as well as the environment. So let’s find out more about this amazing company LIGA.

Love Liga?  Yes we do!  Look at this beautiful cream ceramic and cork homeware.
LIGA’s ceramic and cork cream ceramics are now available at Valley Mill online and instore.

Who Are LIGA?

LIGA are based in Cornwall and are a family run business who want to provide affordable and stylish homeware whilst also looking after the planet. The team draw inspiration from nature to design eco homewares that use only sustainable materials. Not only are they eco-friendly but their products are simply stunning too. Imagine serving up your outdoor dining with these? We are pretty sure your guests will be handing out a lot of compliments.

Keep your oil & vingear fresh and hygienic by storing them in this Scandanavian inspired Liga cream oil bottle. Strong, practical, stylish and a great quality dispenser for everyday use. Easy pouring for oil, balsamic or vinegar.

Working Together

There is so much to do to look after our planet better, and we can only begin to make a change by working together.

LIGA uses beautiful materials such as Ethically sourced Cork, Organic unbleached cotton, recycled papers, vegan wax, compostable cloth, bamboo, recycled EVA plastics and ceramics to create their sustainable collections. Ethically sourced from around the world with the hand printing, making and finishing carefully done in Cornwall. 

We Are Passionate About Eco Living

LIGA are committed and passionate about using sustainable materials in creative ways to make eco products affordable and useable for everyday living.

We love this cork and ceramic teapot from LIGA.  Pours beautifully and looks stunning too.
Update your kitchen homeware with this Scandanavian inspired Liga cream teapot. Strong, practical, stylish and a great quality teapot for everyday use. Serve up tea for two or for the whole family. This Liga teapot give a fabulous pour and can be used with tea bags or loose tea.

Our Ethos

Up until early 2020 we only sold products that were made in Wales and in turn, mainly supporting small local businesses.  Since then, we have branched out to UK made and UK designed and are only working with businesses who have the same ethos and beliefs as ourselves.  

Whilst the majority of our products are made in Wales, some of our suppliers products are mainly handmade in the UK or designed in the UK with materials sourced sustainably from outside of the UK.

Carbon Footprint

Our Welsh slate travels only 130 miles from Snowdonia.    At Valley Mill it’s not only our products that we want to be eco-friendly, but our staff too.  To strive for sustainable living, we offer our team a car share scheme with a monetary bonus to reduce the amount of cars used to travel to work.  

We also encourage working from home whenever possible.  This May we were proud to start a cycle to work scheme.  Want to find out more about educating yourselves and others? Take a look at the United Nations goals to help transform our world and protect our planet.

Update your kitchen homeware with this Scandanavian inspired Liga cream coffee mug. Strong, practical, stylish and a great quality mug for everyday use. A beautiful luxury mug for lattes, hot chocolate, coffee, iced tea and more.

When Valley Mill started in 2007, Kevin Thomas wanted the company to be eco-friendly and materials to be sourced locally providing a low carbon footprint.  From day 1 Kevin knew that not only do the products need to be natural but also packaging must be recyclable.  


When searching for new companies to work with, it’s important to us at Valley Mill to find people with similar values to our own. When we were introduced to LIGA we instantly fell in love and we are pretty sure you will too.

Take a look at this YouTube video from LIGA. We just adore these mugs.

Geeky Cork Facts

LIGA have given us some amazing geeky cork facts.

  • Cork is such a perfect raw material that no industrial or technological processes have yet been able to replicate its features.
    • Excellent thermal & acoustic insulation
      • Impermeability to liquids & gases
    • Excellent elasticity, compressibility & resilience
      • Hypoallergenic
    • Soft to touch
      • Lightness
    • Cork tress & cork products absorb CO2

How Is Cork Harvested?

Have you ever wondered how cork is actually harvested? LIGA have created this YouTube video to show how the cork they use for their products is extrated.

Every nine years the cork is harvested from the Cork Oak tree without harming it.  Did you know that cork trees live for more than 200 years and the more LIGA use cork then the more trees are planted.  Take a look below to see how it all happens.

We adore this cream ceramic and cork bowl from LIGA. Yes we, LOVE LIGA!
Add a contemporary look to your style dining, with these Scandanavian inspired Liga cream salt and pepper shakers. Strong, practical, stylish and a great quality dispenser set for everyday use. Not only a necessity for your dinner table but they look stunning too. Also great to take on your picnics and outdoor adventures.

So now you have met LIGA and now you can understand why Valley Mill LOVE LIGA.

Shop their latest cream ceramic and cork homeware here.

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Hip, Hip, Hooray for Hip Flasks

May 12, 2021

If you are looking for an extra special gift for someone then why not give them a personalised Valley Mill Hip Flask.  These hip flasks aren’t just for guys but the ladies too.   

Hip Flasks are often the perfect traditional keepsake to mark special occasions.  They are also the ideal gift for those who enjoy long walks and campfires.   

Our stainless-steel hip flasks have a classic design that can be personalised with your unique message.  

Don’t forget it’s Fathers Day on Sunday 20th June. 

About Valley Mill 

Here at Valley Mill we are committed to reducing the catastrophic effect man has had on our climate. We believe we all have a part to play in reducing the impact on our environment.   


From gutted fruit to pigs bladders, hip flasks have come in all varying shapes and sizes. Traditionally now made of stainless steel, hip flasks are curved in shape.

This design was due to comfort and ease as a curved hip flask fits and sits better in a trouser pocket.

Did you know during Prohibition in the 1920’s in the USA, women would tuck their hip flasks in to their garter?

Cutting Down on Single-Use Plastic 

Since Valley Mill was founded in 2007, we have always strived to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We’re always looking for new alternatives to non-recyclable packaging and products. One of the worst single-use plastics for our environment is plastic water bottles and containers.  

Our products reflect our beliefs.  From our water bottles to our hip flasks, we want to create and encourage an alternative solution to single use plastic.  One that is simple and cost-effective for our customers, whilst making a positive impact on our environment. 

Throw Away Culture 

How much plastic have you thrown away this week and how much of it was recyclable?  It’s hard not to get overwhelmed by it all, however there are always solutions.  It takes time and planning but once this change has been made it can be more beneficial on the environment but also your pocket too!  

Refill Stations 

More and more companies across the globe are consistently finding new and innovative ways of reducing humanity’s footprint on our planet.  

Cheers Wine Merchants in Mumbles, Swansea and The Gower Gin Company are two companies that are ahead of their game.   

Refill Station at Cheers Wine Merchants in Mumbles

The companies teamed up together to bring an environmentally conscious way of shopping for alcohol.  

Save On Waste 

Director of Cheers Wine Merchants Dafydd Morris explains why we should all save on waste.  “We introduced the Gin refill station at our Mumbles store as it gave customers a great opportunity to both save money and reuse their Gŵyr Gin bottles which in turn helps save on waste.” 

“It has proved amazingly popular and we have many customers now reusing their bottles time and time again.  We are very proud to be the first shop in Wales to offer this service and I hope it spreads across the UK.” 

Other Reusable Items from Valley Mill

Stay hydrated with our new environmentally-friendly water bottles
Keep yourself hydrated at the gym, hiking or during your commute with this eco-friendly water bottle.
It’s triple-walled and can keep any drink cold for up to 24 hours, or hot for up to 12 hours.

Is it safe to drink from stainless steel water bottles?

Stainless steel doesn’t contain the chemicals found in plastics that can cause severe health risks even in very small doses. It is safe at any temperature.

Picnic Blankets

If you are getting a gift of a hip flask for an adventurer then why not team it up with one of our picnic blankets too?

Woman Carrying Newbury Cotton Quilted Picnic Rugs

Take Action

Whether your a business, household or school, we can all do our bit to help. We can drive the change for better living. Find out more in our Earth Day 2021 article.

Earth Day Valley Mill
Here at Valley Mill we are committed to reducing the catastrophic effect man has had on our climate. We believe we all have a part to play in reducing the impact on our environment.

Ditch the cling film and the plastic bottles, and make that switch to reusable.