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Aromatherapy for Your Body & Mind? Yes Please!

April 14, 2021
Natural aromatherapy from Alura Romatics Sleep Pulse Point Roll on with lavender

Alura Romatics have a simple goal; to help YOU use nature’s incredible ingredients as part of your daily routine. Do you need a good night’s sleep or a boost of energy? These aromatherapy products have been designed to help you achieve this result.  Here at Valley Mill we are proud to launch to you some stunning new aromatherapy products with Welsh company Alura Romatics. Their products focus firstly on health and daily wellbeing without forgetting a little bit of luxury for you.

About Alura Romatics

Stacey, the owner and creator of Alura Romatics, began her love of aromatherapy and essential oils through her mum and her mums trusted Aromatherapy Guide by Christine Westwood.  She believed that whatever she was going through in life, there was an essential oil for it.  Stacey knew she needed to learn more about these magical oils and became a qualified aromatherapist.  Knowing that not all products out there are the same, Stacey decided that creating the perfect product was key. She knew that everyone deserves the best for their health and happiness, thus Alura Romatics was born. 

Alongside her small and dedicated team they handmake all of their products and ensure they keep their blends natural and synthetic-free and are committed to making sure as many of their ingredients come from natural sources, where possible.  Alura Romatics products use 100% natural fragrances, they contain no harsh chemicals, are vegan and cruelty free and handmade in Cardiff.  

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy and natural holistic treatment.  These are compounds extracted from plants and each unique aroma gives its characteristic essence.  There are many health benefits using essential oils from reducing anxiety and stress, relieving headaches and migraines and improving sleep and insomnia. How can you achieve this?

Find Your Happy Place

Why not create a happy and welcoming atmosphere in your home, whilst giving yourself a little boost, with Alura Romatic’s fresh scented Happy Room Spray?  Firstly, the scent is a zesty mix of Lime, Basil and Grapefruit which helps energise and stimulate your senses. In addition to this, the Happy Room Spray contains Lavender and Ylang Ylang. Together, these scents simultaneously create an overall feeling of welcome and comfort in your home.  

To use, just generously spray in the air and onto carpets, cushions and fabrics as often as required. Perfect to create a happy and calming aroma throughout your home.

On The Go Mindfulness

The two most common ways essential oils can be used is through inhalation or through being absorbed in to the skin. If your daily routine is very active, then pulse point roll on’s* are small enough to fit in your bag or pocket and take with you wherever you go. This then ensures you can achieve mindfulness immediately with minimal ease. 

Where can you find your pulse points?

These are located on your temples, sides of the lower jaw, side of the neck, wrists, groin, behind the knee, ankle and upper part of the foot. 

Why apply essential oils to your pulse points? 

It’s actually quite simple, these are the areas where our arteries are closest to your skin.  If you touch these areas, you can feel your arteries pumping and find your heartbeat.  Applying essential oil roll on’s to these areas will help the oils be absorbed into your blood steam even faster. This means they can be circulated even quicker and you will feel the desired effects in no time! Alura Romatics range have one for each desired mood; calm, boost and sleep.

How Important Is Sleep? 

Well, in a nutshell, REALLY important.  We need sleep to be able to function. 

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the grumpy mornings and not being able to focus in work due to poor sleep. Continued sleep deprivation can have a major effect on not only your mental health but also physical too?  Studies now show that lack of sleep can make you prone to serious conditions such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes amongst others.

Why not try Alura Romatics Sleep Pillow Spray?  It has a relaxing blend of Lavender, Clary Sage, Roman Chamomile and Lemon to aid relaxation and calm restlessness, Bergamot to rid you of feelings of stress and anxiety and Geranium to comfort and soothe, easing you into a peaceful night’s sleep.

Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Everyone needs a different amount of sleep though the general recommended amount is 8 hours a night.  For many people the difficulty is getting to sleep.  It’s all too easy to pop the TV on or pick up your phone and start browsing.  The key to a good night sleep and for brain function is to knock off those electronics, put away the coffee and focus on you.  Did you know that ‘blue light’ from electronics tricks your body into thinking it’s daytime?

Upgrade and hone your bedrooms environment.  Is it a calm and relaxing place to be?  Is there external noise or perhaps the temperature of your room is too hot or too cold?  Perhaps introduce a pre-sleep routine to get you more relaxed and ready for a good night sleep.  Tips include a warm bath, reading a book or meditating. 

You can get more top tips from the NHS website.

Scents to Help You Relax

A great way is to include aromatherapy and essential oils to your night time routine.  There are many natural products which are known for their relaxing and anxiety reducing effects.  Alura Romatics Sleep Pillow Spray contains a blend of Lavender, Clary Sage, Roman Chamomile and Lemon which are known to aid relaxation and calm restlessness. Bergamot which reduces those feelings of anxiety and stress and Geranium which can promote a calming and grounding effect.

How do you use a pillow spray? 

Alura Romatics recommend 2-3 sprays on your pillow and bedding before sleep. Try this technique to optimize relaxation before bed. First, close your eyes and breathe deeply in for 3 seconds. Hold for another 3 seconds and enjoy the calm. Finally breathe out slowly for the last 3 seconds.

We are all striving for sustainable living and Alura Romatics are no different.  Part of Valley Mill’s ethos and brand is just this, so it made absolute sense to work together with Alura Romatics.   

We really hope you enjoy these locally, handmade and 100% natural products in the same way we do. 

Alura Romatics – Wholesome aromatherapy for your body and mind.

*If you have sensitive skin we recommend checking with your doctor before use. These products are not suitable for children or animals. If pregnant, please consult a doctor before using.

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