6 steps to update your Autumn skincare routine

October 4, 2020
6 Steps To Update Your Autumn Skincare Routine

October is here and Autumn is in the air; crisp mornings, cosy evenings, vibrant leaves under foot and any excuse for hot chocolate! There are so many things to love about the new season, but also some changes that we could all live without. The shorter days and drop in temperature can have a big effect on our well-being, including our skin. You may notice your skin begins to feel dehydrated, tired and generally needs a little extra TLC. Simply making a few changes to your skincare routine will help you to keep that glow you’ve spent all Summer perfecting and ease your skin into the new season.  

Here is a selection of our favourite products to add to your Autumn skincare routine, as well as a little treat to keep you feeling refreshed from head to toe. 

1. Cleanse 

We are strong believers that the basis of a good skincare routine is a quality cleanser. Valley Mill have been handcrafting natural soaps since 2012 and have perfected our formula of skin-nourishing ingredients and sumptuous scents.  

Natural Handmade Soap for Cleansing

There are so many benefits to choosing handmade soap vs commercially made soap. Commercially made soaps are usually packed with artificial ingredients known to dry and irritate skin. All of our ingredients are 100% natural, plastic free, vegan friendly and gentle on your skin. It’s the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin and prone to conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis to name a few. The blend of butters and oils in our formula deeply cleanses the skin whilst keeping it soothed and hydrated. 

Handmade Natural Rosemary & Lime Soap for Cleansing

The Rosemary and Lime soap is our top choice for Autumn. The ingredients chosen have antiseptic properties, to soothe and heal the skin whilst the refreshing scents uplift your senses. 

Handmade Natural Orange & Cinnamon Soap for Cleansing

However, the warming scent of the Orange and Cinnamon soap just screams Autumn!

Each soap have been formulated for different skin types, so it is important to find the right one for you. Our handmade natural soap sets contain one of each Valley Mill soap, to help you find the perfect match for your skin. 

Handmade Natural Soap Gift Box Set

As our soaps are natural and handmade, we recommend using them within 12 months of purchase and 3 months of first use. They won’t spoil if not used in this time so don’t worry; the colours and scents will just begin to fade over time. 

2. Protect 

Protecting your skin before it becomes damaged is the sign of a skincare pro! So, if we had to choose just one product to suggest adding to your skincare routine at this time of year, this would be it.  

Balaclava The No Eau Protective Face Salve for Skin Protection

Balaclava The No Eau Protective Face Salve is like climate control for your face and is perfect for people who suffer with dry and sensitive skin. Created to guard against cold wind and sub-zero temperatures, Balaclava is especially popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts. It is the first step to protecting your skin against the elements, particularly in the colder months. Just massaging a small amount over your face before braving the elements will act as a barrier against the cold and will help to lock in moisture. Its blend of nourishing, protective ingredients, including organic sunflower oil, beeswax and essential oils, is perfect for dehydrated, weather-beaten skin.  

Balaclava is made by artisan skincare company, Bathing Beauty, in North Wales. Originally they specialised in products to be used at the Well Street Clinic in Ruthin. Bathing Beauty have now ventured into the world of natural, mindfully manufactured skincare too. Balaclava has been registered with Vegetarian Society, is cruelty free and 100% natural. 

3. Moisturise 

Even if you’re new to the world of skincare, most know that a good face cream is key to your skin looking and feeling its best all year round. During the colder months, the air is much drier which could have a big impact on your skin. Make sure to opt for a moisturiser that is ultra-hydrating to tackle this, as opposed to light-weight formulas in the Summer. It’s also important to consider a lighter cream for the daytime, compared to a richer night cream for overnight hydration. 

Welsh Lavender Farmers' Moisturising Face Cream

Farmers’ face cream is a vegan friendly, hydrating face cream. The signature Welsh lavender oil is grown and distilled in Builth Wells. It is silky soft and rich, yet light weight making it ideal for everyday use. It’s packed with natural plant extracts and Vitamin E and is free from any artificial colours or perfumes which can cause skin irritation. Vitamin E is popular skincare ingredient, as it strengthens the skin’s barrier and is highly moisturising; just what you need to protect against the dry, cold Autumn air. All other ingredients have been chosen for a reason; Frankincense to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and peppermint, rosemary, sunflower and carrot oils to protect and nurture your skin. And it smells incredible! 

4. Dry, Chapped Lips 

Our lips are exposed to cold weather, just like the rest of our face. So it’s important to factor them into your new skincare regime. 

After thoroughly cleansing and moisturising your face with your new moisturising soap, follow up with Bathing Beauty’s lip care kit; made especially for sore, chapped lips caused by cold weather. This 100% natural lip exfoliator and conditioner is a great exfoliating and moisturising duo. 

Natural Protective Lip Care Kit

Smudge lip exfoliator uses ground pumice and poppy seeds to gently remove dry skin. Exfoliating your lips will smooth cracked skin and help the balm to work effectively.

Smudge Natural Lip Scrub Exfoliant

It’s important not to exfoliate too often, as this can cause irritation and dryness too. Apply Smudge no more than twice a week by gently buffing it over dry lips and remove any excess with a tissue.

Slick Natural Lip Balm Conditioner

Slick lip conditioner is a simple blend of Fairtrade shea and cocoa butter, peach kernel oil and beeswax. Apply the nourishing formula regularly to keep your lips hydrated.

Together, Smudge and Slick is the best treatment for dry lips; soothing and protecting against the elements. They are both vegetarian friendly, cruelty free and palm oil free and come in reusable tins making them environmentally friendly and perfect for on the go.

5. Hydrate Hands 

This Autumn will be different to any we’ve experienced before. With all of the extra hand washing and sanitising, it’s as important to care for your hands as your face. Hand sanitisers and washes can be very harsh on the skin, so we’ve been relying on Farmers’ hand cream to soothe and hydrate our hands. 

Hydrating Welsh Lavender Farmers' Hand Cream for Working Hands

Farmers’ hand cream was made for working hands; specifically with Welsh hill farmers in mind. You can use hand cream as a face cream or body lotion. However skin properties change across your body, so it might not work effectively.

Whilst their very own lavender oil is the main ingredient, the special blend of butters and oils create a luxurious, non-greasy cream to leave the delicate skin on your hands hydrated. Shea and cocoa butter, rice bran oil, virgin olive oil and glycerine soften and hydrate skin. Lavender, rosemary and peppermint oils have healing properties and an uplifting scent.

We also love Farmers’ hand cream because it’s vegan friendly and cruelty free. It uses locally grown/sourced ingredients, including their own Welsh lavender.

Mini & Large Hydrating Welsh Lavender Farmers' Hand Cream

It’s also packaged in recyclable, reusable aluminium tins. Mini 30ml tins are available, which make it the perfect companion for on the go.

6. Wellness 

It’s not just our skin that needs a little TLC, as the longer nights draw in. Enjoying a hot bubble bath after a day out in the cold will help to relax your body and mind. Our mini bath bombs come in a range of colours and scents that will refresh and uplift your senses. Gentle ingredients, including shea butter and sweet almond oil, soothe and hydrate skin. Mini bath bombs are the perfect size for one bath and very popular with bath bomb lovers of all ages. They’re all handmade, vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Simply run warm water over one bath bomb and allow it to fizz away, filling your bath with beautiful fragrances and colours. Our favourite is the Orange & Spice bath bomb; the perfect warming scent for Autumn!

Mini Handmade Orange & Spice Bath Bomb

So, there you have it; our top Autumnal additions to your skincare routine! It’s important to find the right skincare products for your skin type but these products are a great start to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and protect your skin, to keep it in tip-top condition all year round. And don’t forget to treat yourself to some bath treats to help you relax and unwind!

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